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 29th May 2022

MSO Chamber Orchestra 









Renowned violinist Sarah Curro, and Musicians of the MSO & Academy String Orchestra, Scotch College ,  performed my compositions and orchestrations as part of the MSO 2022 Chamber Series.


The Program was

"The Court of Berevew" for String  Ensemble (Anton Koch Composer) (World premiere)*


"Darkness to Light" (Anton Koch Composer)for Solo Violin, Cello and Strings*

"Trapped" for String Quintet


"Pour l'Egyptienne" Debussy (arr. Anton Koch)" for Solo Violin and Strings

"Sonata for Violin and Piano": 2nd movement Ravel (arr. Anton Koch)


"Blues for Solo Violin and Strings"


*Featuring guest violinists from Scotch College: Prithvi Ramesh Etta, Leon Fei    and Geoff Liu.

REBIRTH  Concert was held at

Deakin Edge Federation Square Swanston St & Flinders St,     

Melbourne VIC

See The Gallery for Photos


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